According to public records WILLIAM B.BALYEAT is connected with one hundred and fifty-seven companies. This person is appointed in one hundred and fifty-seven companies as a Director. Companies were opened in one hundred and eighteen years and two months range. Most recent company was formed eight years, ago in January of 2014. All of the companies are inactive.

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Connected People

NameTitleConnected ByCompany Status
John E. SpellmanDirectorSpellman Insurance Agency, Inc.Dead
Janice L.DittoDirectorSpellman Insurance Agency, Inc.Dead
Fernley G. SmithDirectorRelastomer, Inc.Active
Amy G. ErskineDirectorRelastomer, Inc.Active
WILLIAM B. BALLYEATAgentRelastomer, Inc.Active
DANNY R. MULLINSAgentRaliable Waterproofing Nw Ohio, Inc.Active
WILLIAM B. BALYEATAgentWalther Animal Health, Inc.Active
Daniel PortmanDirectorFortman Enterprises, LlcActive
Lisa FortmanDirectorFortman Enterprises, LlcActive
DANIEL FORTMANAgentFortman Enterprises, LlcActive
Daniel PortmanDirectorMatt Pool, Ltd.Active
Lisa FortmanDirectorMatt Pool, Ltd.Active
FLOYD MATTHEWSAgentMatt Pool, Ltd.Active
Robert L BalyeatDirectorPackard Equipment CompanyDead
Nancy TaylorDirectorPackard Equipment CompanyDead
Stanley W GoodwinDirectorGoodwin'S Insurance Agency Inc.Active
Ruth E MoserDirectorGoodwin'S Insurance Agency Inc.Active
STANLEY W GOODWINAgentGoodwin'S Insurance Agency Inc.Active
Everet H GilroyDirectorHawkey'S Pharmacy Of Ottawa, Ohio, Inc.Dead
George D HawkeyDirectorHawkey'S Pharmacy Of Ottawa, Ohio, Inc.Dead
John F LugibillDirectorLugibill Florists, Inc.Active
A C LugibillDirectorLugibill Florists, Inc.Active
JOHN F LUGIBILLAgentLugibill Florists, Inc.Active
A J SchroederDirectorA & D Feed Mill, Inc.Cancelled
Ruth E MoserDirectorA & D Feed Mill, Inc.Cancelled
William N WitteborgDirectorWitt-Gor, Inc.Active
Arline M WitteborgDirectorWitt-Gor, Inc.Active
WILLIAM N WITTEBORGAgentWitt-Gor, Inc.Active
Sandra Lee BaltzellDirectorBaltzell Masonry, Inc.Cancelled
Charles W DaleyDirectorBaltzell Masonry, Inc.Cancelled
John A RobenaltDirectorGehring & Burtchin Contracting, Inc.Active
Robert L BalyeatDirectorGehring & Burtchin Contracting, Inc.Active
ROBERT L BALYEATAgentGehring & Burtchin Contracting, Inc.Active
Tom D McadamsDirectorMcadams Florist, Inc.Active
Ruth E MoserDirectorMcadams Florist, Inc.Active
TOM MCADAMSAgentMcadams Florist, Inc.Active
Theodore R MayberryDirectorAlan Industries, Inc.Active
Ruth E MoserDirectorAlan Industries, Inc.Active
ROBERT TAITAgentAlan Industries, Inc.Active
Ray La Goy JrDirectorThe Professional Golfers' Association Of America, Northern Ohio SectionActive
Ruth E MoserDirectorThe Professional Golfers' Association Of America, Northern Ohio SectionActive
DOMINIC ANTENUCCIAgentThe Professional Golfers' Association Of America, Northern Ohio SectionActive
Roscoe ConnollyDirectorSand And Stone Town, U.S.A., Inc.Dead
Robert R ReeseDirectorSand And Stone Town, U.S.A., Inc.Dead
Robert L BalyeatDirectorLima Laundry CompanyCancelled
John M LeahyDirectorLima Laundry CompanyCancelled
Robert L BalyeatDirectorCindex-Outdoors, Inc.Cancelled
John M LeahyDirectorCindex-Outdoors, Inc.Cancelled
Joseph Raymond Lagoy JrDirectorWhispering Oaks, Inc.Cancelled
Clarice L ReynoldDirectorWhispering Oaks, Inc.Cancelled
Russell C EastmanDirectorMaple Lane Farms, Inc.Dead
Ruth E MoserDirectorMaple Lane Farms, Inc.Dead
Russell C EastmanDirectorDuwe Concrete Industries, Inc.Cancelled
Ruth E MoserDirectorDuwe Concrete Industries, Inc.Cancelled
William J MormanDirectorMorman Brothers, Inc.Dead
Carl I MormanDirectorMorman Brothers, Inc.Dead
Ruth E MoserDirectorColumbus Grove Community Improvement CorporationCancelled
Owen KlingerDirectorColumbus Grove Community Improvement CorporationCancelled
James C BlankemeyerDirectorMetokote CorporationDead
Ruth E MoserDirectorMetokote CorporationDead
Lavern F VerhoffDirectorVerhoff Bros, Construction, Inc.Cancelled
Lester A VerhoffDirectorVerhoff Bros, Construction, Inc.Cancelled
Robert L BalyeatDirectorToledo Chapter Of The Northern Ohio Section Of Pga Of AmericaDead
C W DaleyDirectorToledo Chapter Of The Northern Ohio Section Of Pga Of AmericaDead
Gary AltstaetterDirectorBow-Benders Hunt Club, Inc.Cancelled
Ruth E MoserDirectorBow-Benders Hunt Club, Inc.Cancelled
Mike CameronDirectorCameron Packaging, Inc.Active
Charles W DaleyDirectorCameron Packaging, Inc.Active
MIKE CAMERONAgentCameron Packaging, Inc.Active
Lester E PrattDirectorThe Roxy, Inc.Cancelled
Leslie G HauensteinDirectorThe Roxy, Inc.Cancelled
Billy L MarchalDirectorSeven Days, Inc.Cancelled
Phyllis MarchalDirectorSeven Days, Inc.Cancelled
Gary D DowningDirectorThe Shoe Shoppe, Inc.Dead
Ruth E MoserDirectorThe Shoe Shoppe, Inc.Dead
Lyle R MckannaDirectorMc-Bee Grain And Trucking, Inc.Dead
John H BeggDirectorMc-Bee Grain And Trucking, Inc.Dead
Mary V IronmongerDirectorA/Z Electric, Inc.Cancelled
Ann M DeckerDirectorA/Z Electric, Inc.Cancelled
Charles W DaleyDirectorH.D.H., Inc.Cancelled
Robert L BalyeatDirectorH.D.H., Inc.Cancelled
J Edgar BeggDirectorChanticleer Farms, Inc.Dead
John H BeggDirectorChanticleer Farms, Inc.Dead
John O WilliamsDirectorVaughnsville Elevator, Inc.Dead
Sahron A KuhlmanDirectorVaughnsville Elevator, Inc.Dead
Don L TempleDirectorTemple-Butterman, Inc.Cancelled
Robert J ButtermanDirectorTemple-Butterman, Inc.Cancelled
Robert L BalyeatDirectorPaul Diller & Son Funeral Home, Inc.Dead
Charles W DaleyDirectorPaul Diller & Son Funeral Home, Inc.Dead
Kenneth E MastDirectorMast Enterprises, Inc.Cancelled
Nancy J TaylorDirectorMast Enterprises, Inc.Cancelled
Kenneth E MastDirectorThe C.L. King CompanyDead
Nancy J TaylorDirectorThe C.L. King CompanyDead
H.B.WertDirectorCairo Fire Association, Inc.Active
Richard DackinDirectorCairo Fire Association, Inc.Active
WESLEY A. BUETTNERAgentCairo Fire Association, Inc.Active
Thomas R ShaferDirectorShafer Bros Farms, Inc.Dead
Richard L ShaferDirectorShafer Bros Farms, Inc.Dead
Ronald L KahleDirectorKahle-Langhals Trucking, Inc.Dead
Joseph F Langhals JrDirectorKahle-Langhals Trucking, Inc.Dead
Ronald L KahleDirectorMidwest Zayre Inc.Dead
Joseph F Langhals JrDirectorMidwest Zayre Inc.Dead
Stephen G IrwinDirectorIrwin Tv, Inc.Dead
Teresa M IrwinDirectorIrwin Tv, Inc.Dead
Rosemary A BeggDirectorTrails End, Inc.Dead
Janice M FeckerDirectorTrails End, Inc.Dead
Charles W DaleyDirectorBuckeye Contracting, Inc.Cancelled
John A RobenaltDirectorBuckeye Contracting, Inc.Cancelled
Charles W DaleyDirectorCountryside Communities CorporationDead
John A RobenaltDirectorCountryside Communities CorporationDead
John H BeggDirectorD & B Construction, Inc.Dead
Janice M FeckerDirectorD & B Construction, Inc.Dead
Robert W LuebkeDirectorFlocon Corp.Cancelled
Charles W DaleyDirectorFlocon Corp.Cancelled
Carl HoaglandDirectorQps, Inc.Cancelled
Norman W JeffersDirectorQps, Inc.Cancelled
Carl E LongDirectorLong Bros., Inc.Cancelled
Glenn W LongDirectorLong Bros., Inc.Cancelled
Charles W DaleyDirectorQuality Zinc Platers, Inc.Cancelled
John M LeahyDirectorQuality Zinc Platers, Inc.Cancelled
Willis TudorDirectorVaughnsville Community Action CorporationDead
Janice M BockeyDirectorVaughnsville Community Action CorporationDead
James C BlankemeyerDirectorMetokote Equipment CorporationDead
R L BalyeatDirectorMetokote Equipment CorporationDead
Robert L BalyeatDirectorMind Dust Music Co.Cancelled
D L SpringerDirectorMind Dust Music Co.Cancelled
Darrell L FruehDirectorD. L. Frueh, Inc.Cancelled
N J TaylorDirectorD. L. Frueh, Inc.Cancelled
Jack W ShaffnerDirectorJack W. Shaffner, Inc.Cancelled
N J TaylorDirectorJack W. Shaffner, Inc.Cancelled
Kathy JerewDirectorEickholt Truck Leasing, Inc.Cancelled
T J EickholtDirectorEickholt Truck Leasing, Inc.Cancelled
Denver Roy PainterDirectorD.P. Electric, Inc.Cancelled
N J TaylorDirectorD.P. Electric, Inc.Cancelled
Donald L LippincottDirectorLippincott Music Corp.Dead
Et AlDirectorLippincott Music Corp.Dead
Janice PriceDirectorPrice Equipment Sales, Inc.Dead
Tommie E PriceDirectorPrice Equipment Sales, Inc.Dead
Janice PriceDirectorBuck-Line CorporationCancelled
Tommie E PriceDirectorBuck-Line CorporationCancelled
Dale D LauseDirectorCycle Corral, Inc.Cancelled
Kathy JerewDirectorCycle Corral, Inc.Cancelled
Edward L MormanDirectorPlum Crest, Inc.Dead
Joe E MormanDirectorPlum Crest, Inc.Dead
Kenneth E TullDirectorLima Astros, Inc.Cancelled
Nancy J TaylorDirectorLima Astros, Inc.Cancelled
Barrell L. FruehDirectorB. J. Rentals, Inc.Dead
Barbara J. FruehDirectorB. J. Rentals, Inc.Dead
R Kenneth WrightDirectorK And J Greenhouses, Inc.Active
Janet M CoreDirectorK And J Greenhouses, Inc.Active
R KENNETH WRIGHTAgentK And J Greenhouses, Inc.Active
Dorothy M FuerstDirectorColumbus Grove Band Boosters, Inc.Active
Joan OsterhageDirectorColumbus Grove Band Boosters, Inc.Active
NICHOLAS VERHOFFAgentColumbus Grove Band Boosters, Inc.Active
Philip F KahalDirectorPersonal Healthcare Systems, Inc.Cancelled
Kenneth N WildmanDirectorPersonal Healthcare Systems, Inc.Cancelled
Philip F KahalDirectorMorton'S Shoe Stores, Inc.Dead
Kenneth N WildmanDirectorMorton'S Shoe Stores, Inc.Dead
D Ronald SpencerDirectorRon Spencer Real Estate, Inc.Active
Nancy J TaylorDirectorRon Spencer Real Estate, Inc.Active
D RONALD SPENCERAgentRon Spencer Real Estate, Inc.Active
John J BeggDirectorChanticleer Ranch, Inc.Dead
Janet M CoreDirectorChanticleer Ranch, Inc.Dead
Joseph F SchmersalDirectorBacon-N-Bakin Farms, Inc.Active
Janet M CoreDirectorBacon-N-Bakin Farms, Inc.Active
JOSEPH F SCHMERSALAgentBacon-N-Bakin Farms, Inc.Active
John E SpellmanDirectorSpellman Insurance Agency, Inc.Dead
Nancy J TaylorDirectorSpellman Insurance Agency, Inc.Dead
Albert R WilsonDirectorEnvironmental Dynamics, Inc.Active
Nancy J TaylorDirectorEnvironmental Dynamics, Inc.Active
ALBERT R WILSONAgentEnvironmental Dynamics, Inc.Active
Harvey P BermanDirectorCycle Sport Center, Inc.Dead
Carl J McclureDirectorCycle Sport Center, Inc.Dead
P Arthur ArnoldDirectorE & A Farms, Inc.Active
Erma ArnoldDirectorE & A Farms, Inc.Active
ARTHUR ARNOLDAgentE & A Farms, Inc.Active
David N LammersDirectorBrent Reed Co. Ltd.Dead
Nancy J TaylorDirectorBrent Reed Co. Ltd.Dead
Lyle R MckannaDirectorShady Lawn Farms, Inc.Active
Janet M MckannaDirectorShady Lawn Farms, Inc.Active
LYLE R MCKANNAAgentShady Lawn Farms, Inc.Active
Gerald KlemanDirectorColonial Coin Laundry, Inc.Cancelled
Nancy J TaylorDirectorColonial Coin Laundry, Inc.Cancelled
Kenneth L PiercefieldDirectorBi-Rite Auto Parts Of Lima, Inc.Cancelled
J M CoreDirectorBi-Rite Auto Parts Of Lima, Inc.Cancelled
Lavern F VerhoffDirectorVer Lamar Farms, Inc.Active
Janet M CoreDirectorVer Lamar Farms, Inc.Active
LAVERN F VERHOFFAgentVer Lamar Farms, Inc.Active
Albert R WilsonDirectorRetrofit Leasing, Inc.Cancelled
Nancy J TaylorDirectorRetrofit Leasing, Inc.Cancelled
Charles A HammerDirectorHammer Farms, Inc.Cancelled
Janet M CoreDirectorHammer Farms, Inc.Cancelled
Lynn GrahamDirectorBuckeye Tractor CorporationActive
Janet M CoreDirectorBuckeye Tractor CorporationActive
LYNN GRAHAMAgentBuckeye Tractor CorporationActive
Elvet W FoulkesDirectorFoulkes Farms, Inc.Active
Reita M FoulkesDirectorFoulkes Farms, Inc.Active
ELVET W FOULKESAgentFoulkes Farms, Inc.Active
Aubrey L MartinDirectorM & R Promotions, Inc.Dead
Nancy J TaylorDirectorM & R Promotions, Inc.Dead
Melvin J. ReckerDirectorB. J. Recker, Inc.Dead
Barbara A. ReckerDirectorB. J. Recker, Inc.Dead
Alfred E AndersonDirectorSportsmen'S Repair Center, Inc.Dead
Janet M CoreDirectorSportsmen'S Repair Center, Inc.Dead
T J EllisDirectorT. J. Ellis Enterprises, Inc.Active
Nancy J TaylorDirectorT. J. Ellis Enterprises, Inc.Active
T J ELLISAgentT. J. Ellis Enterprises, Inc.Active
H Dale RennerDirectorC K Motor Sales, Inc.Cancelled
Janet M CoreDirectorC K Motor Sales, Inc.Cancelled
Herbert G Oglesbee JrDirectorOglesbee Manufacturing CompanyDead
Janet M CoreDirectorOglesbee Manufacturing CompanyDead
Ben H LarickDirectorB. H. Larick & Son, Inc.Active
Nancy J TaylorDirectorB. H. Larick & Son, Inc.Active
BEN H LARICKAgentB. H. Larick & Son, Inc.Active
James E RittenourDirectorRittenour Properties, Inc.Cancelled
Helen L RittenourDirectorRittenour Properties, Inc.Cancelled
Leland G MeyerDirectorHydro-Air, Inc.Cancelled
Janet M CoreDirectorHydro-Air, Inc.Cancelled
Francis E CheneyDirectorWalker Equipment International, Inc.Cancelled
Robert F HeilDirectorWalker Equipment International, Inc.Cancelled
Denver Roy PainterDirectorAllen County Electric, Inc.Cancelled
Nancy J TaylorDirectorAllen County Electric, Inc.Cancelled
Darrell L FruehDirectorLima Bindery OneDead
Nancy J TaylorDirectorLima Bindery OneDead
James E RittenourDirectorRittenour'S Honey House, Inc.Dead
Helen L RittenourDirectorRittenour'S Honey House, Inc.Dead
Vince P ScheidDirectorVince P. Scheid, Inc.Cancelled
Grace L FoxDirectorVince P. Scheid, Inc.Cancelled
Craig A RoemkeDirectorCart Leasing, Inc.Cancelled
Linda S RoemkeDirectorCart Leasing, Inc.Cancelled
L Ned AlthausDirectorAlthaus Farming, Inc.Dead
Patricia S AlthausDirectorAlthaus Farming, Inc.Dead
John M LeahyDirectorK & G Foods, Inc.Cancelled
Clay W BalyeatDirectorK & G Foods, Inc.Cancelled
Robert L EverhardtDirectorElida Business Complex, Inc.Cancelled
Patricia A EverhardtDirectorElida Business Complex, Inc.Cancelled
Lyle R MckannaDirectorL & J Equipment, Inc.Dead
Janet M EdwardsDirectorL & J Equipment, Inc.Dead
Richard J BuehlerDirectorEtc. Development, Inc.Dead
Mary Patricia BuehlerDirectorEtc. Development, Inc.Dead
Kevin L EverhardtDirectorMeadow Lake Associates, Inc.Dead
Sheri A AnkenyDirectorMeadow Lake Associates, Inc.Dead
M A ChamberlinDirectorM.A. Chamberlin, Inc.Cancelled
S A MurphyDirectorM.A. Chamberlin, Inc.Cancelled
Kevin BruinDirectorResidents Association Of Sherwood Park, Inc.Cancelled
Sheri A AnkenyDirectorResidents Association Of Sherwood Park, Inc.Cancelled
Kevin BruinDirectorSoftware Pursuits, Inc.Active
Sheri A AnkenyDirectorSoftware Pursuits, Inc.Active
CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANYAgentSoftware Pursuits, Inc.Active
Bobby D TruesdaleDirectorTruesdale Equipment And Supply, Inc.Cancelled
Sheri A AnkenyDirectorTruesdale Equipment And Supply, Inc.Cancelled
Bobby D TruesdaleDirectorWater Management, Inc.Dead
Sheri A AnkenyDirectorWater Management, Inc.Dead
Wayne SissonDirectorUnited Railroad Services, Inc.Active
Sheri A AnkenyDirectorUnited Railroad Services, Inc.Active
WILLIAM B BALYEATAgentUnited Railroad Services, Inc.Active
Alonzo C RupertDirectorKingswood, Inc.Dead
Mary Jo RupertDirectorKingswood, Inc.Dead
Judy A GossardDirectorGossard Motor Sales, Inc.Dead
Sheri A AnkenyDirectorGossard Motor Sales, Inc.Dead
Herbert G Oglesbee JrDirectorOglesbee Manufacturing CompanyDead
Beverly O'LoughlinDirectorOglesbee Manufacturing CompanyDead
Judith A HoltenDirectorHolten Enterprises, Inc.Cancelled
Clay W BalyeatDirectorHolten Enterprises, Inc.Cancelled
Judith A HoltenDirectorThe Auto Supply CompanyDead
Clay W BalyeatDirectorThe Auto Supply CompanyDead
Robert L HelserDirectorNorthwest Ohio Water, Inc.Dead
Debbie A HelserDirectorNorthwest Ohio Water, Inc.Dead
William H Sonntag IiDirectorSonntag Doors, Inc.Active
Janice L RahrigDirectorSonntag Doors, Inc.Active
WILLIAM SOUNTAL IIAgentSonntag Doors, Inc.Active
Kevin L EverhardtDirectorEverhardt, Inc.Active
Janice L RahrigDirectorEverhardt, Inc.Active
KEVIN L EVERHARDTAgentEverhardt, Inc.Active
Clay W BalyeatDirectorWilliam B. Balyeat, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorWilliam B. Balyeat, Inc.Cancelled
Clay W BalyeatDirectorLimaland Radio, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorLimaland Radio, Inc.Cancelled
Clay W BalyeatDirectorThe A.- W. Realty CompanyCancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorThe A.- W. Realty CompanyCancelled
Debra K MorrisDirectorM & M Choice Meats, Inc.Dead
Daniel B MormanDirectorM & M Choice Meats, Inc.Dead
Clay W BalyeatDirectorVtb, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorVtb, Inc.Cancelled
Darrell P LongDirectorProfessional Services International, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorProfessional Services International, Inc.Cancelled
Darrell P LongDirectorColumbia Realty And Improvement CompanyDead
Janice L RahrigDirectorColumbia Realty And Improvement CompanyDead
Edward J HartsteinDirectorBeech Farms, Inc.Active
Janice L RahrigDirectorBeech Farms, Inc.Active
EDWARD M. HUETTEAgentBeech Farms, Inc.Active
Robert L BalyeatDirectorLima Arbys' AdvertisersActive
Andrew C BalyeatDirectorLima Arbys' AdvertisersActive
ROGER RHODESAgentLima Arbys' AdvertisersActive
Robert L BalyeatDirectorMacgregor, Inc.Cancelled
Andrew C BalyeatDirectorMacgregor, Inc.Cancelled
Clay W BalyeatDirectorKocak'S Lounge And Country Connection, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorKocak'S Lounge And Country Connection, Inc.Cancelled
Darrell P LongDirectorThe American Hearing Aid Centers, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorThe American Hearing Aid Centers, Inc.Cancelled
Richard A Kocak JrDirectorRichard Kocak Industries, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorRichard Kocak Industries, Inc.Cancelled
John N LeahyDirectorPhase Ii Leasing CorporationDead
Andrew BalyeatDirectorPhase Ii Leasing CorporationDead
Wilbur WilliamsDirectorSafetlatch, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorSafetlatch, Inc.Cancelled
Darrell P LongDirectorInternational Travel, Inc.Dead
Janice L RahrigDirectorInternational Travel, Inc.Dead
Gary H BierlyDirectorGary Bierly Enterprises, Inc.Active
Clay W BalyeatDirectorGary Bierly Enterprises, Inc.Active
GARY H BIERLYAgentGary Bierly Enterprises, Inc.Active
Clay W BalyeatDirectorCustom Designs, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorCustom Designs, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorAffordable Waterproofing, Inc.Cancelled
Clay W BalyeatDirectorAffordable Waterproofing, Inc.Cancelled
Clay W BalyeatDirectorOsburn, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L RahrigDirectorOsburn, Inc.Cancelled
Alonzo C RupertDirectorRupert Realty & Associates, Inc.Dead
Mary Jo RupertDirectorRupert Realty & Associates, Inc.Dead
Randy MullinsDirectorRock'N Concepts, Inc.Cancelled
Janice L DittoDirectorRock'N Concepts, Inc.Cancelled
WILLIAM B. BALYEATAgentBay Wash Truckwash "Llc"Active
Steven L. WilliamsDirectorSteve Williams Transfer, Inc.Dead
Judy A. SmithDirectorSteve Williams Transfer, Inc.Dead
Mark R. JarvisDirectorGlynwood Management & Development, Inc.Dead
Nancy Jean RossDirectorGlynwood Management & Development, Inc.Dead
Charles W. DaleyDirectorBalyeat, Leahy, Daley & Miller, LlcActive
Clay W. BalyeatDirectorBalyeat, Leahy, Daley & Miller, LlcActive
John M. LeahyDirectorBalyeat, Leahy, Daley & Miller, LlcActive
John M. Leahy, Jr.DirectorBalyeat, Leahy, Daley & Miller, LlcActive
Douglas A. DaleyDirectorBalyeat, Leahy, Daley & Miller, LlcActive
CLAY W. BALYEATAgentBalyeat, Leahy, Daley & Miller, LlcActive
Charles W. DaleyDirectorThe Wella CorporationActive
Clay W. BalyeatDirectorThe Wella CorporationActive
John M. LeahyDirectorThe Wella CorporationActive
John M. Leahy, Jr.DirectorThe Wella CorporationActive
Douglas A. DaleyDirectorThe Wella CorporationActive
CT CORPORATION SYSTEMAgentThe Wella CorporationActive
Gary L. BobergDirectorBoberg Construction, Inc.Cancelled
Craig A. BobergDirectorBoberg Construction, Inc.Cancelled
Joel LongDirectorJoel Long Construction Inc.Cancelled
Nancy Jean RossDirectorJoel Long Construction Inc.Cancelled
Lori C KroegerDirectorLori C Kroeger Insurance Agency Inc.Active
Nancy J RossDirectorLori C Kroeger Insurance Agency Inc.Active
LORI C KROEGERAgentLori C Kroeger Insurance Agency Inc.Active
WILLIAM B BALYEATAgentTristate Renovators "Llc"Active
WILLIAM B BALYEATAgentAts CompanyActive



Company NameTitleCompany AddressIncorporatedCompany Status
Spellman Insurance Agency, Inc.Director1998-03-25Dead
Relastomer, Inc.Director1728 Allentown Rd
Lima,Oh 458050000
Raliable Waterproofing Nw Ohio, Inc.Director1213 Mckinnley Rd
St Marys,Oh 458850000
Walther Animal Health, Inc.Director105 N High St
Columbus Grove,Oh 458300000
Fortman Enterprises, LlcDirector304 Eakin St
Columbus Grove,Oh 458300000
Matt Pool, Ltd.Director1507 E Strub Rd
Sandusky,Oh 448700000
Packard Equipment CompanyDirector1959-06-04Dead
Goodwin'S Insurance Agency Inc.Director104 W Sycamore St
Columbus Grove,Oh 45830
Hawkey'S Pharmacy Of Ottawa, Ohio, Inc.Director1963-06-29Dead
Lugibill Florists, Inc.Director300 N Main St
Columbus Grove,Oh 45820
A & D Feed Mill, Inc.Director1964-04-03Cancelled
Witt-Gor, Inc.Director108 S High St
Columbus Grove O,Oh 45830
Baltzell Masonry, Inc.Director1965-01-02Cancelled
Gehring & Burtchin Contracting, Inc.Director502-504 Cook Tower
Lima,Oh 45801
Mcadams Florist, Inc.Director621 W Sycarmore
Columbus Grv,Oh 45830
Alan Industries, Inc.Director607 Savings Bldg
Lima,Oh 45801
The Professional Golfers' Association Of America, Northern Ohio SectionDirector4735 Richmond Rd
Warrensville,Oh 44128
Sand And Stone Town, U.S.A., Inc.Director1967-01-18Dead
Lima Laundry CompanyDirector1967-02-20Cancelled
Cindex-Outdoors, Inc.Director1967-02-20Cancelled
Whispering Oaks, Inc.Director1967-10-12Cancelled
Maple Lane Farms, Inc.Director1968-03-06Dead
Duwe Concrete Industries, Inc.Director1968-04-06Cancelled
Morman Brothers, Inc.Director1968-10-28Dead
Columbus Grove Community Improvement CorporationDirector1969-03-13Cancelled
Metokote CorporationDirector1969-07-03Dead
Verhoff Bros, Construction, Inc.Director1969-10-08Cancelled
Toledo Chapter Of The Northern Ohio Section Of Pga Of AmericaDirector1969-10-28Dead
Bow-Benders Hunt Club, Inc.Director1969-12-02Cancelled
Cameron Packaging, Inc.Director1612 Shawnee Rd
Lima,Oh 45805
The Roxy, Inc.Director1970-11-05Cancelled
Seven Days, Inc.Director1970-11-27Cancelled
The Shoe Shoppe, Inc.Director1971-02-02Dead
Mc-Bee Grain And Trucking, Inc.Director1971-03-26Dead
A/Z Electric, Inc.Director1971-03-26Cancelled
H.D.H., Inc.Director1971-05-03Cancelled
Chanticleer Farms, Inc.Director1971-08-03Dead
Vaughnsville Elevator, Inc.Director1971-12-03Dead
Temple-Butterman, Inc.Director1971-12-13Cancelled
Paul Diller & Son Funeral Home, Inc.Director1972-01-10Dead
Mast Enterprises, Inc.Director1972-05-30Cancelled
The C.L. King CompanyDirector1918-02-13Dead
Cairo Fire Association, Inc.Director101 W Main St
Cairo,Oh 45820
Shafer Bros Farms, Inc.Director1973-01-02Dead
Kahle-Langhals Trucking, Inc.Director1973-02-02Dead
Midwest Zayre Inc.Director1973-02-02Dead
Irwin Tv, Inc.Director1973-03-20Dead
Trails End, Inc.Director1973-04-11Dead
Buckeye Contracting, Inc.Director1973-04-25Cancelled
Countryside Communities CorporationDirector1973-04-25Dead
D & B Construction, Inc.Director1973-05-14Dead
Flocon Corp.Director1973-11-19Cancelled
Qps, Inc.Director1973-11-29Cancelled
Long Bros., Inc.Director1974-03-18Cancelled
Quality Zinc Platers, Inc.Director1974-04-29Cancelled
Vaughnsville Community Action CorporationDirector1974-09-10Dead
Metokote Equipment CorporationDirector1974-09-26Dead
Mind Dust Music Co.Director1975-01-20Cancelled
D. L. Frueh, Inc.Director1975-05-13Cancelled
Jack W. Shaffner, Inc.Director1976-03-31Cancelled
Eickholt Truck Leasing, Inc.Director1976-07-02Cancelled
D.P. Electric, Inc.Director1977-04-13Cancelled
Lippincott Music Corp.Director1977-06-10Dead
Price Equipment Sales, Inc.Director1977-06-20Dead
Buck-Line CorporationDirector1977-06-20Cancelled
Cycle Corral, Inc.Director1977-11-21Cancelled
Plum Crest, Inc.Director1978-03-06Dead
Lima Astros, Inc.Director1978-04-26Cancelled
B. J. Rentals, Inc.Director1978-06-23Dead
K And J Greenhouses, Inc.Director10765 Road Z
Columbus Grove,Oh 45830
Columbus Grove Band Boosters, Inc.Director201 W Cross St.
Columbus Grove,Oh 45830
Personal Healthcare Systems, Inc.Director1979-01-17Cancelled
Morton'S Shoe Stores, Inc.Director1979-01-16Dead
Ron Spencer Real Estate, Inc.DirectorRoute #1
Harrod,Oh 45850
Chanticleer Ranch, Inc.Director1979-03-26Dead
Bacon-N-Bakin Farms, Inc.Director2900 Eversole Rd ,Rt #2
Columbus Grove,Oh 45830
Spellman Insurance Agency, Inc.Director1979-04-30Dead
Environmental Dynamics, Inc.Director16154 Beechwood
Findlay,Oh 45840
Cycle Sport Center, Inc.Director1980-01-14Dead
E & A Farms, Inc.Director7930 Mayberry Rd
Elida,Oh 45807
Brent Reed Co. Ltd.Director1980-02-21Dead
Shady Lawn Farms, Inc.Director12000 Rd R
Columbus Grove,Oh 45830
Colonial Coin Laundry, Inc.Director1980-04-14Cancelled
Bi-Rite Auto Parts Of Lima, Inc.Director1980-06-20Cancelled
Ver Lamar Farms, Inc.Director14873 Rd 17N,Rt #1
Ft Jennings,Oh 45844
Retrofit Leasing, Inc.Director1980-12-04Cancelled
Hammer Farms, Inc.Director1982-01-27Cancelled
Buckeye Tractor CorporationDirector11313 Slabtown Rd
Columbus Grove,Oh 45830
Foulkes Farms, Inc.Director9065 N Thayer Rd
Columbus Grove,Oh 45830
M & R Promotions, Inc.Director1983-02-24Dead
B. J. Recker, Inc.Director1983-06-16Dead
Sportsmen'S Repair Center, Inc.Director1983-07-18Dead
T. J. Ellis Enterprises, Inc.Director1480 Riverview Dr
Lima,Oh 45805
C K Motor Sales, Inc.Director1983-10-28Cancelled
Oglesbee Manufacturing CompanyDirector1983-10-28Dead
B. H. Larick & Son, Inc.Director1404 Fulton Rd
Lima,Oh 45805
Rittenour Properties, Inc.Director1984-05-17Cancelled
Hydro-Air, Inc.Director1985-04-04Cancelled
Walker Equipment International, Inc.Director1985-08-08Cancelled
Allen County Electric, Inc.Director1985-08-14Cancelled
Lima Bindery OneDirector1985-08-30Dead
Rittenour'S Honey House, Inc.Director1985-12-30Dead
Vince P. Scheid, Inc.Director1986-06-06Cancelled
Cart Leasing, Inc.Director1987-01-13Cancelled
Althaus Farming, Inc.Director1987-06-29Dead
K & G Foods, Inc.Director1987-08-28Cancelled
Elida Business Complex, Inc.Director1987-09-04Cancelled
L & J Equipment, Inc.Director1987-09-15Dead
Etc. Development, Inc.Director1987-09-28Dead
Meadow Lake Associates, Inc.Director1987-11-16Dead
M.A. Chamberlin, Inc.Director1988-03-31Cancelled
Residents Association Of Sherwood Park, Inc.Director1988-05-24Cancelled
Software Pursuits, Inc.Director50 West Broad Street Suite 1330
Columbus,Oh 43215
Truesdale Equipment And Supply, Inc.Director1988-08-22Cancelled
Water Management, Inc.Director1988-08-15Dead
United Railroad Services, Inc.Director1728 Allentown Rd
Lima,Oh 45805
Kingswood, Inc.Director1989-02-28Dead
Gossard Motor Sales, Inc.Director1989-11-29Dead
Oglesbee Manufacturing CompanyDirector1990-05-07Dead
Holten Enterprises, Inc.Director1990-07-31Cancelled
The Auto Supply CompanyDirector1910-03-29Dead
Northwest Ohio Water, Inc.Director1990-10-22Dead
Sonntag Doors, Inc.Director2405 Greely Chapel Rd
Lima,Oh 45804
Everhardt, Inc.Director4320 East Rd
Elida,Oh 45807
William B. Balyeat, Inc.Director1992-02-13Cancelled
Limaland Radio, Inc.Director1992-03-18Cancelled
The A.- W. Realty CompanyDirector1914-04-14Cancelled
M & M Choice Meats, Inc.Director1993-03-04Dead
Vtb, Inc.Director1993-03-25Cancelled
Professional Services International, Inc.Director1993-04-22Cancelled
Columbia Realty And Improvement CompanyDirector1904-04-21Dead
Beech Farms, Inc.Director3700 State Rte 718
Troy,Oh 453730000
Lima Arbys' AdvertisersDirector2290 June Dr
Lima,Oh 45805
Macgregor, Inc.Director1993-06-21Cancelled
Kocak'S Lounge And Country Connection, Inc.Director1993-10-27Cancelled
The American Hearing Aid Centers, Inc.Director1994-12-08Cancelled
Richard Kocak Industries, Inc.Director1995-01-13Cancelled
Phase Ii Leasing CorporationDirector1995-03-17Dead
Safetlatch, Inc.Director1995-04-17Cancelled
International Travel, Inc.Director1995-09-11Dead
Gary Bierly Enterprises, Inc.Director1720 N Phillips Rd
Lafayette,Oh 45854
Custom Designs, Inc.Director1996-02-01Cancelled
Affordable Waterproofing, Inc.Director1996-10-11Cancelled
Osburn, Inc.Director1996-11-07Cancelled
Rupert Realty & Associates, Inc.Director1996-12-24Dead
Rock'N Concepts, Inc.Director1997-08-15Cancelled
Bay Wash Truckwash "Llc"Director1728 Allentown Road
Lima,Oh 45805
Steve Williams Transfer, Inc.Director2000-10-02Dead
Glynwood Management & Development, Inc.Director2001-02-16Dead
Balyeat, Leahy, Daley & Miller, LlcDirector2838 Amanda Lakes Drive
Lima,Oh 45805
The Wella CorporationDirector1300 East Ninth Street
Cleveland,Oh 44114
Boberg Construction, Inc.Director2001-08-29Cancelled
Joel Long Construction Inc.Director2001-12-17Cancelled
Lori C Kroeger Insurance Agency Inc.Director2021 Allentown Road Suite 4
Lima,Oh 45805
Tristate Renovators "Llc"Director1728 Allentown Rd
Lima,Oh 45805
Ats CompanyDirector1728 Allentown Road
Lima,Oh 45805
New Technology Farm LlcDirector2014-01-27Dead