According to public records JOHN F.BUCHMAN is connected with fourty-seven companies. This person is appointed in fourty-seven companies as a Director. Companies were opened in eighty-five years, range. Most recent company was formed thirty years, ago in July of 1991. All of the companies are inactive.

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Connected People

NameTitleConnected ByCompany Status
Leo F.RyanDirectorIsm Canton, Inc.Cancelled
Kenneth S.GoodinDirectorIsm Canton, Inc.Cancelled
Jr. & OthersDirectorIsm Canton, Inc.Cancelled
Frederick J KlingDirectorWtam, Inc.Cancelled
Donald CorlettDirectorWtam, Inc.Cancelled
Larry R BrownDirectorColonial Loan CompanyDead
Albert L ClovisDirectorColonial Loan CompanyDead
Larry R BrownDirectorSchauer Group, IncorporatedActive
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorSchauer Group, IncorporatedActive
DAVID T SCHAUERAgentSchauer Group, IncorporatedActive
Larry R BrownDirectorThe Right Automotive Products CompanyCancelled
Albert L ClovisDirectorThe Right Automotive Products CompanyCancelled
John G KettererDirectorHeritage Housing, Inc.Active
Robert M RyboltDirectorHeritage Housing, Inc.Active
W H ROWNDAgentHeritage Housing, Inc.Active
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorThe Neurological Laboratory, Inc.Active
Larry R BrownDirectorThe Neurological Laboratory, Inc.Active
JOHN F BUCHMANAgentThe Neurological Laboratory, Inc.Active
Gene A DutterDirectorDutter Agency, Inc.Cancelled
Larry R BrownDirectorDutter Agency, Inc.Cancelled
Larry R BrownDirectorPhoto-Matic Typographers, Inc.Cancelled
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorPhoto-Matic Typographers, Inc.Cancelled
T Ryan Underwood JrDirectorNmc Capital CompanyDead
Larry R BrownDirectorNmc Capital CompanyDead
Larry R BrownDirectorColonial Loan Company-WarrenDead
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorColonial Loan Company-WarrenDead
Larry R BrownDirectorSalvage Freight, Inc.Cancelled
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorSalvage Freight, Inc.Cancelled
Larry R. BrownDirectorBallene Services, Inc.Cancelled
T. Bryan UnderwoodDirectorBallene Services, Inc.Cancelled
Jr.DirectorBallene Services, Inc.Cancelled
Larry R BrownDirectorGeneral Handle Corp.Cancelled
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorGeneral Handle Corp.Cancelled
Larry R BrownDirectorCommercial Plating Corp.Dead
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorCommercial Plating Corp.Dead
Larry R BrownDirectorGeneral Finishers Corp.Cancelled
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorGeneral Finishers Corp.Cancelled
Thomas P DennisDirectorGreen Thumb Nursery, Inc.Cancelled
Alice H DennisDirectorGreen Thumb Nursery, Inc.Cancelled
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorBurroughs-Amiet Electronics, Inc.Cancelled
Larry R BrownDirectorBurroughs-Amiet Electronics, Inc.Cancelled
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorCarefree Travel, Inc.Dead
Larry R BrownDirectorCarefree Travel, Inc.Dead
Larry R. BrownDirectorBelmont Development CompanyCancelled
T. Bryan Underwood Jr.DirectorBelmont Development CompanyCancelled
Dewitt C CoxDirectorTimken Communications CompanyActive
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorTimken Communications CompanyActive
SCOTT A. SCHERFFAgentTimken Communications CompanyActive
Larry R BrownDirectorDanart Enterprises, Inc.Dead
T Bryan Underwood JrDirectorDanart Enterprises, Inc.Dead
Thomas A SchauerDirectorSchauer Family Fund, Inc.Active
Larry R BrownDirectorSchauer Family Fund, Inc.Active
THOMAS A. SCHAUERAgentSchauer Family Fund, Inc.Active
James K BrookerDirectorPolywood CorporationDead
Larry R BrownDirectorPolywood CorporationDead
Larry R BrownDirectorBoardman Auto Wash, Inc.Cancelled
T Bryan UnderwoodDirectorBoardman Auto Wash, Inc.Cancelled
Jr.DirectorBoardman Auto Wash, Inc.Cancelled
Larry R. BrownDirectorContact Service, Inc.Cancelled
James K. BrookerDirectorContact Service, Inc.Cancelled
James K BrookerDirectorHursh Builders Supply, Inc.Dead
Larry R BrownDirectorHursh Builders Supply, Inc.Dead
James K BrookerDirectorCapital Funding Securities CompanyCancelled
Larry R BrownDirectorCapital Funding Securities CompanyCancelled
O Bernard MountDirectorMagneco/Metrel, Inc.Active
DAVID A. HOODAgentMagneco/Metrel, Inc.Active
Theodore V BoydDirectorThe Stark Development Board, Inc.Active
S John SiamDirectorThe Stark Development Board, Inc.Active
KRUGLIAK, WILKINS, GRIFFITHS & DOUGHERTY CO., LPAAgentThe Stark Development Board, Inc.Active
Theodore V BoydDirectorIntegrated Television Corp.Cancelled
S John SiamDirectorIntegrated Television Corp.Cancelled
William K WilsonDirectorStark Community Foundation, Inc.Active
William F SchumacherDirectorStark Community Foundation, Inc.Active
MARK J. SAMOLCZYKAgentStark Community Foundation, Inc.Active
Harlan D DobryDirectorThe Canton Regional Chamber Of Commerce Foundation, Inc.Active
S John SiamDirectorThe Canton Regional Chamber Of Commerce Foundation, Inc.Active
DENNIS P. SAUNIERAgentThe Canton Regional Chamber Of Commerce Foundation, Inc.Active
Wilson H RowndDirectorHeritage Housing Foundation, Inc.Cancelled
W E EnglishDirectorHeritage Housing Foundation, Inc.Cancelled
Wilson H RowndDirectorHorstmeyer'S Harbor House, IncorporatedCancelled
W E EnglishDirectorHorstmeyer'S Harbor House, IncorporatedCancelled
Wilson H RowndDirectorThe International City Management Association Retirement CorporationActive
W E EnglishDirectorThe International City Management Association Retirement CorporationActive
CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANYAgentThe International City Management Association Retirement CorporationActive
Wilson H RowndDirectorJls Leasing, Inc.Cancelled
W E EnglishDirectorJls Leasing, Inc.Cancelled
Carl N ShaheenDirectorSdb Capital, Inc.Dead
John H BrannenDirectorSdb Capital, Inc.Dead
Carl N ShaheenDirectorSdb Equity, Inc.Dead
John H BrannenDirectorSdb Equity, Inc.Dead
James A BowerDirectorStark Education Partnership, Inc.Active
Richard A GullingDirectorStark Education Partnership, Inc.Active
DANIELLE A. HIGGINSAgentStark Education Partnership, Inc.Active
David T SchauerDirectorCarnegie Medical Benefits Agency, Inc.Cancelled
James A BowerDirectorScf Management, Inc.Dead
Fred H Bollinger JrDirectorScf Management, Inc.Dead
Emma SandersDirectorWhere To Go Next, Inc.Dead



Company NameTitleCompany AddressIncorporatedCompany Status
Ism Canton, Inc.Director1937-01-19Cancelled
Wtam, Inc.Director1957-10-05Cancelled
Colonial Loan CompanyDirector1964-06-22Dead
Schauer Group, IncorporatedDirector200 Market Ave. N. Suite 100
Canton,Oh 44702
The Right Automotive Products CompanyDirector1964-11-27Cancelled
Heritage Housing, Inc.Director% Swallow Bliss Tower
Canton,Oh 44702
The Neurological Laboratory, Inc.Director800 Cleve-Tusc Bldg
Dutter Agency, Inc.Director1965-10-06Cancelled
Photo-Matic Typographers, Inc.Director1965-10-25Cancelled
Nmc Capital CompanyDirector1966-05-27Dead
Colonial Loan Company-WarrenDirector1966-06-06Dead
Salvage Freight, Inc.Director1966-08-25Cancelled
Ballene Services, Inc.Director1966-11-01Cancelled
General Handle Corp.Director1966-12-01Cancelled
Commercial Plating Corp.Director1966-12-01Dead
General Finishers Corp.Director1966-12-01Cancelled
Green Thumb Nursery, Inc.Director1966-12-28Cancelled
Burroughs-Amiet Electronics, Inc.Director1967-06-27Cancelled
Carefree Travel, Inc.Director1968-01-05Dead
Belmont Development CompanyDirector1968-02-13Cancelled
Timken Communications CompanyDirector1835 Dueber Ave Sw
Canton,Oh 447060000
Danart Enterprises, Inc.Director1968-10-18Dead
Schauer Family Fund, Inc.Director1756 Dunbarton Ave N.W.
Canton,Oh 447081807
Polywood CorporationDirector1969-06-20Dead
Boardman Auto Wash, Inc.Director1970-01-14Cancelled
Contact Service, Inc.Director1970-07-24Cancelled
Hursh Builders Supply, Inc.Director1971-05-28Dead
Capital Funding Securities CompanyDirector1971-05-28Cancelled
Magneco/Metrel, Inc.DirectorBox 176
Negley,Oh 44441
Ando Screen Inc.Director1980-01-03Dead
The Stark Development Board, Inc.Director4771 Munson St. N.W.
Canton,Oh 44718
Integrated Television Corp.Director1985-05-13Cancelled
Stark Community Foundation, Inc.Director400 Market Avenue N Ste 200
Canton,Oh 44702
E-K Industries, Inc.Director1986-07-01Cancelled
The Canton Regional Chamber Of Commerce Foundation, Inc.Director222 Market Avenue N.
Canton,Oh 44702
J C Technology, Inc.Director1987-12-22Cancelled
Heritage Housing Foundation, Inc.Director1988-11-21Cancelled
Horstmeyer'S Harbor House, IncorporatedDirector1988-11-21Cancelled
The International City Management Association Retirement CorporationDirector50 West Broad Street Suite 1330
Columbus,Oh 43215
Jls Leasing, Inc.Director1988-11-21Cancelled
Sdb Capital, Inc.Director1989-05-03Dead
Sdb Equity, Inc.Director1989-05-03Dead
Stark Education Partnership, Inc.Director200 Market Avenue North, Suite 300
Canton,Oh 44702
Carnegie Medical Benefits Agency, Inc.Director1989-09-28Cancelled
Scf Management, Inc.Director1990-03-13Dead
On Environmental Services, Inc.Director1991-04-17Cancelled
Where To Go Next, Inc.Director1991-07-01Dead